Monday, October 31, 2011

Attack of the Sugar Monsters

Episode 2011

Attack of the Sugar Monsters

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

In a time of unrest because the sun is going down and it is

time for trick or treat, the natives are getting restless. {our star wars clan} Oh yes we are nerds and dressed our children all up in star wars costumes. Just to clarify it started with Bubba wanting to be Darth Vader. He started requesting Darth Vader back in August. Then when Rosie was asked what she wanted to be, she wanted to be a girl Jedi. So my thoughts are if two kids are going to be Star Wars characters, they might as well ALL be Star Wars characters. To clarify I am the nerd NOT Nate, which will be hard to believe I am sure. ;-) Rosie started off as Ashoka (a real girl Jedi) she has this crazy headpiece and red skin. But the costume I ordered off the Internet came in way too big, so after sending it back I decided Queen Amidala would just wield a light saber. I know, I know not true to character but it made everyone happy! Beth was able to bring the boys costumes too so we were able to see the boys in their cute outfits as well. If I would have been more well prepared I should have gotten them Star Wars costumes as well. I could see Luke skywalker and R2-D2 costumes in the future!!

{Lincoln and Mason} This is Lincoln's "cheese" face. He was trying a little to hard... but sooo cute!

{queen amidala} Some people thought she was a storm trooper but I think she pulled off the white jump suit really good!!!

{Princess Leia}
"Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size do you?" Lil Miss was obviously Yoda even though she got called shrek a few times. And apparently a baby in a Yoda costume needs to be a boy. Because the kids kept correcting all the people that said... "look at that little by dressed up as Yoda!"

We tried to get a nice group picture ... but Lincoln wasn't feeling it. The giraffe is adorable though. Now that I think about it, I could have transformed the giraffe into Jar Jar Binks... okay now I have been watching WAY too much Star Wars... I need an intervention.
The weather was chilly but not raining so I think it was a great Halloween night!!!

Everyone we passed loved Princess Leia's hair! And Yes, it is a wig, her hair isn't quite long enough to pull this off yet.

{me and yoda}

We had to interrupt trick or treating to play out a battle.
This is before scarfing into the sugar.... candy monster is going to have to get some of that candy and hide it for safe keeping!!! Oh wait... i think the candy monster is here now and is hungry for some snickers..... uh oh.

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