Thursday, August 7, 2014

You are our Greatest Adventure

Last week, we celebrated our "Gotcha Day". 
On July 30th five years ago, we became parents. 
Our celebration every year goes something like this: 
balloons scattered in all their bedrooms (this year we blew up 60 balloons may need to invest in helium)
special breakfast
family time together 
Nothing fancy, but we mark this day in spending it together. 
 For our five year anniversary, we amped it up a little. 
We never do gifts, but I did create these memory boxes this year. 
They each have a collection of pictures and the outfit they first showed up at our house in. 
 We went out for breakfast this year (mommy still was trying to get into a routine after her cruise)
and enjoyed waffles, eggs, and pancakes at Jimmy's Pancake House. 
It was delicious! 
 The rest of the day was spent playing at the park, playing games, and having a slumber party in mom and dad's room.  

On Friday, we decided to surprise them and take them to a waterpark. 
I had everything packed up for the kids and I to head to Ohio, so we threw extra 
bathing suits in a bag and headed to Grizzly Bear Resort in Illinois.  
The kids were super stoked to be relaxing in the lazy river and 
splashing in the wave pool.  
 Almost as fun as being in the pool was sleeping in a hotel. 
We don't stay in hotels often so when we do the kid's are giddy.
 {bubba wasn't giddy in this photo because someone was on his}
GIddy doesn't even begin to describe their feelings when we went over to the amusement park in the morning.   We rode ziplines, zoomed down slides, bounced in the bounce houses, 
screamed on the rides, and laughed til mommy almost pee'd her pants. 
 {My face is priceless}
Lil Miss and I played our first game of laser tag.  
It was girls against the boys. 
We had them outnumbered, but our skills were not so good. 
It was so much fun, just the 6 of us. 
 I cant believe it's been 5 years since we became parents. 
It has been quite the adventure and not everything has gone as we planned, but only 
God knows the plan.  God's plans will always be greater than all of our disappointments. 
Especially when HE uses our disappointments to shape us in the person HE intends us to become. 
"For I know the plans I have for you," 
declared the Lord. 
"Plans to prosper you,
not to harm you,
plans to give you hope, 
and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11
We had to say good bye to daddy then for a few days (because someone has to work) and we headed to 
Grandma's house in Ohio. 
We pulled in the driveway at Grandma Judy's just in time to catch the sunset.  
I just can't get enough of sunsets.

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