Thursday, August 14, 2014

Another School Year

 It's that time of year already. 
Shoes that still smell new, clothes that have never been worn, 
backpacks without a bunch of papers crumbled in the bottom, and smiles, 
it's the first day of school! 

The kid's were excited to see their friends and meet their teachers yesterday.  
Rosie started 4th Grade. 
It is amazing to see her grow. From my little toddler who was ready to start preschool when she walked into our lives.  What a transformation! 
 {January 2010}
 {August 2014}
This boy is just as handsome as can be. 
Yesterday he started third grade! 
He has gotten taller and smarter since his first day of preschool. 
{August 2010- first day of preschool}
{August 2014}
He still looks great in blue.
I thought I was doing great in remembering the million things the kids needed to be ready for school 
AND then I sent this photo to Nate after I got the kids off to school. 
His first reaction.... where is Bubba's glasses.  Oops.    

Then little Miss Sunshine is starting 2nd Grade. 
Yikes.  when did she grow into such a little lady. 
Still my little baby, she was the only one reluctant to start the first day. 
I made the mistake of telling her if she doesn't get upstairs to get her hair done she would have 
to stay at home.  Her reply, "Okay."  Backfire.
{August 2014}
{August 2010 - first day of preschool}
 My oldest and youngest
 Of course, Lil Miss did not want to be left out.  
She will be starting preschool next Wednesday.  
Then I will be really sad. 
They are growing up way to fast. 
My children have such good hearts too. 
Before we got in the van to go to school, my son shouted "Wait, mom you 
didn't get in any of the pictures!"
So here is my First day of School pick with Bubba.  
Let's not talk about how much I've changed over the years.  ;-)
 Of course we had teacher gifts to bring the teachers for the first day. 
Rosie helped me this year and had fun browsing pinterest for the perfect gift.  
She has a male teacher this year and it could not be anything girly!
 We made it to school in plenty of time for the flag ceremony.  
The kids were so excited to see their friends, even luckier when their best friends are in their class! 
 And then they were whisked off to their classes and I was left holding Lil Miss' hand thinking
"Now what do we do?"
I should be dancing a jig, but in reality I was feeling sad.  
The house was so quiet. 
They are one year older and more independent. 
As each school year goes by, it seems to me that I am less needed. 
They are able to dress themselves, take showers by themselves, 
get breakfast by themselves, and need their mommy less. 
So there is a sadness that my identity as "mommy" is slipping away. 
Yes, they will still need me but it will be in a different way.  
Not to kiss boo boos. 
Not to lick my finger and wipe the jelly off their faces. 
Not to tie their shoes. 
My job will be to guide them in who they grow up to be, but 
I will miss the jelly stained faces. 
 So we dropped the three oldest off at school and there was just us two. 

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  1. High school is when they really need you! And dad too! Probly the most important time for you to be present in their lives! Different yes, but so needed!!