Friday, August 8, 2014

Welcome to Ohio

We just spent the last 5 days back in Ohio. 
School days will be here before we know it, and I wanted to get some time 
in Kalida before school starts.  
 My mom is currently building a house in town.  
It is a way to simplify and she won't have to worry about the pond in the backyard, 
and a older house which needs some upkeep.  
 The last time I had been home the house was just a hole in the ground. 
Now it actually has walls, and doors, and a ROOF. 
The house is coming along very nicely and I am in love with her big laundry room and 
her lovely bright sun room.  
 On Monday night, we had the boys over.  
My kids have such a blast when Lincoln and Mason are over. 
My son and the boys had a slumber party all in one bed and when I sent 
them in there to get changed into their pjs there was 20 minutes of giggling, 
before mommy had to go check what was taking so long. 
They were a bundle of laughs and were having a ball being boys. 
 {popcorn and movie} 
 The next morning we were outside playing on the driveway by 8 am. 
I am surprised there are permanent ruts on the driveway from the circles they drove 
round and round.  
Even Baby Reed was enjoying all the commotion the kids were making.  
In the afternoon, the kids put on their swimsuits to jump through the sprinkler. 
It was a perfect day!   

{a bunch of lions roaring at me}
The big girls fought over holding Baby Reed.  
Not all the time did he want to be held though. 
He is getting to the stage where he wants to move. 
I took some time to shoot a few pictures of this monkey. 
Before I know it, he will be ONE. 
How fast does a year go? 
Surprise, Surprise, Aunt Kathy showed up to eat hotdogs and marshmallows with us too! 
Rosetta spent the night over Grandma Pam's two night, and Glorianna with her the second night. 
The girl's love staying up late and learning new things with their Grandma. 
They learned how to hand crochet and make pretty bracelets.  
And then in a blink of an eye, it was time to go. 
Gigi was pressuring me to stay just one more day, but it wouldn't make the goodbyes 
any less painful.  We packed up the van (somehow we accumulated more stuff!) and 
headed on our way.  The drive from Ohio I can almost do with my eyes closed... almost. 

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