Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas in 2 parts

It's so sad that Christmas was almost two weeks ago. 
We had such a wonderful time traveling back to Ohio to spend Christmas with the family.  
There were so many memories made in the many days we spent 
lavishing in spoils from the family, wonderful food, and great company.  
I have so many pictures from our 12 day world wind trip East that I 
have tried to narrow them down... to only these couple hundred. 
Just kidding!  
Seriously the smiles from Christmas were from ear to ear.  
I relish in the excitement my children get from the tearing away at the beautifully colored Christmas paper to reveal gifts that they just adore.  
The excitement is contagious. 
There were some presents that could't wait to open and set up. 
Rock'em Sock'em Robots was a big hit with Bubba. 
Everyone got a chance to play, even mommy. 
Jack looks could kill when playing me.  
It was a heated game until my 1-2 punch knocked him out! 
From Grandma Pam's to Grandma Judy's we were surrounded by family. 

Card playing at it's finest.
There's always the kid's table. 

I had to convince my sister Beth to let her boys stay overnight with us at Grandma Judy's and we had a blast.  I woke up on my birthday morning December 23rd, to the most wonderful gift lots of laughter and fun.  The night before we tucked all 6 of them in, in one room.  
I read them some Christmas stories and before I was finished, two of them were already fast asleep 
dreaming of sugar plums. 
There is a whole lot of bed head!  
 Gigi begged to open up her making headbands kit and 
was busy decorating headbands for the whole family. 
Aren't you envious!

Aunt Kathy and Lil Miss slaved over my birthday dessert and put lots of love into it.  
In the afternoon we headed out to go bowling.  
I was just so eager to wear those stylish bowling shoes!! 
We had a whole crew and had lot of laughs trying to bowl. 
None of us were exceptional bowlers, but we tried our best.  
Birthday girl had the first strike of the day!!!  
The adults goal during the two games was just not to let the kids beat them.  
The bumpers really help! 
On Chrstmas Eve... oh yes all that happened before we even got to Christmas Day, we woke up and watched Elf during breakfast.  What better way to get in the Christmas spirit then watching 
It took about all day to get everyone through the shower, hair done just right, and all dressed up for Christmas Eve mass.  It is amazing to see church packed to the max and even the folding chairs they sit out full.  Sitting in St. Michael's listening to the music is Christmas tradition for me.
When we got to Grandma's that night we set out Santa's milk and cookies, then cuddled on the couch to watch Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and hop into bed. 
Then Christmas morning Santa found us!!! 
In true Santa spirit he spoiled our children good.   
Nate and I were so proud of our children this year in how grateful they were for 
every gift they recieved.  I know many years we were so frustrated with 
their words of "ewww clothes" or "I didn't want this."  
But this year, the kids were so kind and happy about 
every package they unwrapped.  Even clothes!  

 Christmas Lunch was delicious and was wonderful to spend with Grandma Judy and Aunt Kathy. 
Cousin Love!  
 Rosie had gotten a Cat's Cradle string and book and Beth and I 
showed off our skills.  We still got it!
Nate's been using his Si cup he got from Reed.  
What's in the cup Uncle Nate?
Bubba was in heaven in playing with all the boys!  
Love this college crew and seeing each other over the holidays. 
Hard to believe with have 10 kids between us 4 couples and one on the way!!! 
 The worst part is saying good bye. 
But our Christmas vacation didn't end there... 
it was just beginning. 
Not all of us had a hard time sayig good-bye. 
Trust me these two love each other... sometimes. 

Next stop Raleigh, North Carolina to visit Uncle Neil. 
More to come... 

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