Saturday, January 11, 2014

35 Reasons

Happy Birthday Daddy!! 

The 35 reasons we love Daddy:
  1. He give me zerberts -- L
  2. He lets me play Madden -- X
  3. He lets me have ice cream all the time -- G
  4. I love dad because he gives me hugs and kisses -- R
  5. Dad brings me to basketball -- X
  6. He cuts up my apples just the way I like it.  -- G
  7. Daddy works at John Deere -- L
  8. He is nice and puts games on my ipad -- R
  9. He plays chess with me and I almost beat him -- X
  10. He kisses me goodnight -- L
  11. He lets us stay up longer than mom -- G
  12. He gives us lots of Buckeye stuff when he goes on trips there -- R
  13. Daddy lets us have candy and ice cream -- L
  14. I like Daddy because because he plays basketball with me -- X
  15. Daddy comes to my basketball games -- G
  16. Daddy makes us hot chocolate when we go play in the snow -- R
  17. He helps me make my pinewood derby car -- X
  18. My daddy places hide and seek with us and it is tough to find him -- G
  19. My daddy lets me watch movies all day -- L 
  20. He lets us have pixie sticks, pop rocks, and lots of candy -- R
  21. Daddy loves me -- L
  22. I love Dad because he gets me stuff.  --X
  23. Daddy is the only one who knows how to start fires -- X
  24. Dad plays Mario kart with us -- G
  25. He is just AWESOME!! -- R
  26. Daddy tickles --L
  27. When I was little dad taught me how to ride a bike. -- X
  28. Daddy helps me read my books -- G
  29. He helps me with my homework and really knows multiplication -- R
  30. He leaves me notes and I am special. -- X
  31. He does puzzles with me. -- G
  32. Dad sends messages to me and not anyone else -- R
  33. My dad is silly -- L
  34. Our dad does lots of nice things -- R
  35. Our dad is the BEST!
Honey it has been the best years of my life being with you. 
You keep us smiling and laughing.  
I couldn't imagine doing this all with anyone else.  
Happy 35th!!! 

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