Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ice, Ice Baby

 I'm a Winter Baby.  
This cold snowy weather doesn't really bother me.  
I am usually as excited as the kids to go out and play in the snow.  
So when Nate and the kids got me tickets to go ice skating for Christmas, I was in heaven.
I got them with the understanding that I was not even to hint that Nate was to go. 
He's tried it. 
He's tried it many times. 
He hates ice skating.  
Growing up with a pond in our backyard, we waited impatiently in the winter waiting for dad to declare the ice safe enough to skate on.  
When Nate and I started dating, of course, I wanted him to enjoy another activity that I love.  
But alas it was not to be. 
Again, he hates ice skating.  
On Saturday, we (the big kids and I) got bundled up and went to an outdoor ice skating rink. 
Above is the before pic we took with their ice skates on in the lobby.  I wanted this picture in case the ice skating thing didn't work out with them and this was going to be the only smiling picture I got. 
Thankfully that wasn't the case at all.  
 We started out a little shaky.  Clinging to the exterior wall with a death grip.  
I reminded Bubba that in the car he had told me, "Mom, I've been roller skating.  Don't be suprised if I am super awesome at ice skating too!"  Such confidence!  
That confidence gets him a long way. 
20 minutes after lacing up the skates he was skating around the rink and trying to jump and skate in circles.  Yes, Super Awesome!
It took about 2 circles near the wall, before the girls got a little brave and started letting go for periods at a time.  A bit shaky at first, they quickly got the hang of it. 
And, yes Mommy skated too! 
I didn't fall once, even though I am sure if I did I wouldn't have bounced up as quickly off the ice as my kids did.  My 33 year old body was sore the next day though.  Skating for 2 hours was about all this gal could take. 
Here they are racing.  Gigi and Bubba. 
We had a blast and the snow was falling so it was the most beautiful picturesque day ever!  

 After two hours, I tried to coax them off the ice with hot chocolate, but they so wanted to stay.  
Eventually I won, and we hopped into the van to get warm and soothe our aching muscles.  
Okay it was just Mommy that had the aching muscles.  
 The rest of the weekend was just as splendid.  
We had a three day weekend so we enjoyed alot of family time and 
yummy meals.  Breakfasts are my favorite on the weekends because everyone pitches in doing some part of the meal.  We crank up the music and jam while scrambling eggs and dicing potatoes for home fries.  Breakfasts are the Best!!!  

On Monday night, I had to take Gigi to piano practice and on our way the snow began to fall once again.  When we left piano a half hour later the flakes coming down were some of the biggest I've ever seen.  When we got home I grabbed a pajama clad lily and hollered at Daddy and kids to come outside and catch the snowflakes on their tongue!  
Embracing the moment!  LOL  
So there we were on the driveway enjoying the snowfall.  
 Today, we were back to a school/work day.  
Daddy headed off to work and the kids got up scrambling to find all the necessities to go to school. 
Over the course of a weekend, how do so many things get lost? 
With everyone excited about the fresh layer of snow, we got ready for school in record time and 
had 15 minutes to go out and play before school.  That never happens!  
My snow shoveling crew, they asked if they could please shovel the sidewalks for me.  
Of course.  I swear I am in the twilight zone.