Monday, September 30, 2013

Teddy Bear Tea Party

Lately my girls and I have been obsessed with tea parties. 
It started with Lil Miss getting into Gigi's fancy tea party set one day while the kids were at school. 
Since then we have been having impromptu tea parties while the kids are away.
Sometimes we eat our lunch on the living room floor on a blanket with a spot of tea (or apple juice). 
When one of Gigi's tea cups got broken I felt awful and thought I needed to stop
letting Lil Miss play with her set. 
I stopped by our local Goodwill instead and picked up mismatch tea cups, saucers, and teapots in all kinds of patterns for Lil Miss to play with to her heart's content.   
She thought it was the coolest thing ever. 
She watched me wash all the items when we got home and couldn't wait to play!  
 This weekend while we were camping I secretly packed the tea set for the girls to have a tea party.
They were so excited Saturday morning, to go play.
 I also brought along some of the dresses I've made for my Etsy store "ruffled orchid" to
take some photos. 
Lil Miss didn't want to interrupt her tea party, but Gigi was a super model for the morning.
Some of these fall dresses will be up in my store soon!

 {Seriously, this girl gives me the best poses... she's a natural}

I love time alone with my girl's. 
The boy's wouldn't have enjoyed the "girlyness" of it all!
I am so thankful for the little things..... like tea parties!!!

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