Monday, September 23, 2013

The Perfect Fall Wedding

We spent the past weekend celebrating my niece's wedding.
It seems so surreal to say she's married.  Yikes. 
Makes me feel old.
 The wedding was held in Cincinnati at Ault Park Pavilion and the ceremony couldn't have been more beautiful.  The weather held off until they said their "I Dos" and then the clouds opened up and poured while we sat under the lights and tents celebrating at the reception. 
The rain didn't put a damper on any of the festivities.   
{Pastor Stacy and My Mom  aka. grandmother of the bride} 
My niece, Brooke put together all the flower arrangements, bouquets and boutonnieres. 
They were beautiful.  
 Brooke was a beautiful bride.   
{grandmothers of the bride}
{the uncles... they look like trouble} 
I was so glad my sister, Beth, didn't miss the wedding. 
Being 8 1/2 months pregnant, we didn't know if baby "Cletus" was going to let her attend
but they made it!  
A rare night out with just us as a couple. 
It was kind of nice to eat dinner and only have to cut up Nate's food and not 4 little ones. 
Just kidding...  
{inside the pavilion where the reception took place} 
 The junior bridesmaid was my other niece Faith. 
She is a frilly girly girl like my girls, but she looked beautiful with her hair
all done up and in a beautiful dress Brooke made. 
Faith and I made it most of the night classy until we both slipped our shoes off and went bare feet. 
We both agree that running in the rain bare foot is underappreciated!   
{my mom and us sisters}

{Mother of the Bride and her sister and mother}
{my big brother making the toast}
{Mr. and Mrs. Schwass}

 {The bride and I} 
 Uncle Nate was so proud of his little Brookey....he showed it in lots of little ways throughout the day.  LOL  When Nate and I started dating, Brooke was very little.  Jacob, my nephew, wasn't even a year old.  We felt like her second parents when we both went to Ohio State University and were at there house at least once a week.  We went pumpkin picking, apple picking, took her to Chuck E. Cheese (but she doesn't remember), took her trick or treating, and shared so many memories with her growing up. 
Our hearts are overfilled with joy to see her so happy. 
 {the first dance}
 Brad spent time planting little succulents for all the guests to take home.   
 I loved this idea!!!
We have lots of good memories of Brooke and Brad's wedding. 
It was fun! 
Congratulations you two!!

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  1. Love! Beautiful dress! I am sure your sister loves that Nate photo bombed her. :)