Tuesday, September 3, 2013

African Princesses

So over the weekend I dusted off the sewing machine and actually started some new projects. 
After cleaning the whole basement and sorting through my abundant stacks of fabric I came across the African fabric Nate had brought back for me from Rwanda.  (Best souvenir ever!!)
I wanted each dress to be different so I just started cutting into the fabric and a few hours later I had 3 finished dresses and a skirt for me! 
[my floor length skirt] 
[late night inspiration with my head attire] 
 The girls wanted to put the dresses on right away (that's a good sign I did something right!) so we had an impromptu fashion show with Daddy and Bubba as spectators. 
[this girl is made for a runway]
[back detail with button]
 [she approves]

 [Rosie's dress I made a pattern for and hoped it would turn out]
Now we all have a souvenir from Africa!!
I have a lot of fabric left but haven't decided what to do with it yet. 
It will keep until I have another overly ambitious night with nothing else to do.  LOL


  1. OMGoodness those are adorable!! I have 2 tiny ideas you could use the extra fabric for ;) your girls are gorgeous and those colors are great for them!! Love!!!

  2. I love your skirt, it looks great on you!! The littles dresses are adorable too!