Saturday, August 31, 2013

Under the Big Top

So last night was our first EVER trip to the circus. 
The kids were so excited to go and a little crazy after school in anticipation!!
[our little circus]
We went down to the circus early for the preview show.
This allows up to get closer to the animals and watch small shows to get the kids excited for the main event.  
[clowns creep me out] 
Lil Miss was all amazed at the circus.  Of course, she had to wear her "circus" dress mommy made. 
During the preview show, we were on the floor up close and personal.  Bubba was amazed at the juggling and couldn't wait to get home to try it.   
[don't try this at home kids]
[daddy wasn't happy to share his cotton candy] 
[the elephants... mommy's favorite]
The best quote of the night comes from our Bubba. 
As the horse riders came out riding the backs of horses, he turns to me and says "that's why I need a horse, Mom!!!"  Really?  Between the horse riders, ninjas who jump through rings of swords and the motorcycle clan driving circles in a sphere, this momma better keep an eye out for dare devil behavior. 
  I kept finding myself staring at the kids and not at the show. 
The circus was as good as I had ever imagined, but to watch the fascination in
their eyes was priceless.  They kept asking if things were real.
"Are those tigers, real?"
"How is she hanging from the ceiling, Mom?"
"Is that a real dragon?"
We tried to explain everything to them, but they were completely in awe of the magic of the circus. 

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