Friday, August 30, 2013

What we've been doing...

So it's been asked a million times... what are you doing while the kids are in school?
Reflecting on the last 2 1/2 weeks, (it is crazy that the kids have been in school that long!)
I am so glad to say that I have been productive AND got some time to relax. 
I have three kids that are so excited to be in school so I can be at ease during school hours.
I have been able to get up in the morning and have a little "me" time either going on a run or for reading and journaling.  A much needed slow down of our busy life. 
The rest of the time we are busy living life...
[Lil Miss playing with all her toys]
[She keeps busy while we are running errands... even a trip to the bank]
Bubba had his first camp out with Cub Scouts recently.  The girls and I
visited them during the day, frog hunting and taking a hike.  Then, we left the boys after making smores and headed home to sleep in our own beds. 
[excited to sleep in a tent with daddy]
 [Family Game Nights]
 [annual dentist visit] 
 [picking flowers with mommy]
 [homework time... the important skill of using a dictionary]
[mommy/lil miss trips to froyo]
And when I am not having fun or running errands, I have been cleaning the house from top to bottom.  We had gone out and purchased a steam cleaner and have emptied every room to clean one by one. 
[its kept me busy]
 Once the room is clean, it is fun to put everything back in its place even if it is only there for a mere minute before the kid's destroy it.   My house isn't meant to be perfect though, it is meant to be lived in. 
And that is what we've been doing.  Three day weekend ahead... can't wait.

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