Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ain't no cure for the Summertime Blues...

T'was the night before school starts and all through the house,
not a creature is stirring.... and hope to God not a mouse! 
Everything is ready for the first day of school. 
Clothes are laid out, alarms are set, and camera battery is charging. 
I sit here soaking in the last few hours of summer before school starts once again.
It's been an amazing summer!
Just last week we spent the week in Ohio and made lots of great memories hanging out with family. 
{How many more people can fit on the merry-go-round?} 
{my dad's bike .... over 2000 miles}
Bike riding seemed to be the theme for the week. 
I cannot count how many "laps" the kids took around in Grandma Judy's driveway.  
The girls and I took our first country bike ride and took the familiar ride around the block that I did when I was young.  A lot has changed on our 3 mile stretch of road in 32 years, but grandma's bike hasn't. 
When the boys came over we had quite the crew.
We used our imaginations and made a gas station where they "filled up" their bikes, the gas prices were really low.  I also got out some of Grandpa's wrenches and created a bike repair shop in front of the garage. 
{they rode bikes forever} 
I hadn't played Yahtzee in a long time, and my shaking skills haven't gotten better, watching my mom and the kids play was priceless.  The week we were there we didn't do anything particularly exciting, in fact I didn't spend a cent all week except for gas. 
Slumber parties are the best!  My sister's boys stayed over grandma's house two nights in a row (my kids begged for them not to go!) and they all had a blast.   
There was some baking time. 
The girls got involved  in the grating process.  Zucchini shreds were all over grandma's kitchen, but she did her best to not clean up during the process.  
{ 1, 2, jump!}
We even went swimming in the pond which hadn't been swam in by the family for years. 
It was surprisingly not slimy and no fish attacked us.  After feeding fish at grandma's for years the girls were worried they were going to bite.
On Saturday we headed to Columbus to spend the day with our bride to be, Brooke.
The day was beautiful and the setting gorgeous. 

{the bride and her mother} 
{Lil Miss cozied up to her Aunt Beth and her baby bump}
{My brother's beautiful family}
Can't wait to celebrate with my niece at her wedding. 
Glad to have made these memories so I can look back and
cure my summertime blues. 
Better get to bed.... gonna have some excited kids tomorrow morning.
This momma better get some shut eye. 


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