Thursday, September 19, 2013

Falling for Fall

Fall is Here! 
I know because the pumpkins and caramel apples are out at the stores.
(it is hard to resist a good caramel apple!)
Fall means wonderful comfort food in the Schulte household.
{White Chicken Chili}
{Chicken Pot Pie and Apple Crisp}
The last time we were home in Ohio, Grandma and Grandpa Schulte gave us a whole bunch of apples so we have been in heaven with lots of apple desserts.
{apple nachos... messy but oh so good!}
We had so many apples and no one needs dessert every night, so I found a recipe for freezing apple pie filling so it is ready to go in the crust and bake whenever you need it.  I will let you know how this works out.  I did this after I had a few more desserts made!  
{pumpkin white chocolate no bake cookies and apple pie cupcakes... YUM!}
Fall also means getting ready for Halloween. 
The kids have all picked out what they want to be this year and mommy
is busy sewing away on 3 of the 4 outfits. 
This year we have  Snow White, a peacock, a butterfly, and a ninja. 
(I purchased the ninja outfit on-line cause I can't really make that cutesy in my own way)
 Lil Miss is in love with her Snow White dress. 
When she puts it on she just twirls and twirls. 
I think this is the cutest thing I have made yet!
The peacock and butterfly are coming along too.
Here are the makings of felt peacock feathers I am going to
add to a glittery dress and a peacock mask.  
Gigi approves.  
September means school picture day. 
The kids all looked beautiful and "dapper" on picture day this year.
We are well into the school year so the homework is at full steam.
Every night, we try to get our reading time in with all of the kids.  I am
amazed out how much they have improved. 
Bubba even shocks himself when he can read a whole page of his
Captain Underpants book without stumbling over a word. 
Such a proud mama!!
Rosie is currently reading Anne of Green Gables and I couldn't be happier.
It was one of my favorite books at her age.  I still have the VCR tapes of the movie and after reading a few chapters, her and I watch a portion of the movie.  She has learned all about puffed sleeves, gingham fabric, carpet bags, and what a "gable" is.
She is enamored that Anne (with an E) always has her auburn hair braided and that the girls of that time always wore dresses. 
One of my favorite quotes is by the author Lucy Maud Montgomery
"I love books.  I hope when I grow up to be able to have lots of them."
 Other things we have been doing this fall is hanging out with friends. 
The girls had friends over on Saturday. 
I caught these two just sitting here chit chatting. 
{girls and their dolls} 
Of course I have been crafting as well lately. 
When we had a flat tire a couple weeks ago, the kids had picked up some paracord to make some bracelets.  Nate had been looking for the material to make these all summer. 
So in the past week I have been making a lot of these for the kids and everyone of their friends it seems like!
We've had a few moments to paint and make some new artwork for mommy's walls.
 The sewing machine has gotten a workout lately too. 
Besides the Halloween costumes, I have been finishing lots of projects I have started and been putting some of my fabric stash to good use. 
I made these two little dresses last week and sent them off to two of my favorite little girls.  
My creative mind has been going wild!!  
 I will post more of sewing projects soon when I get time to photograph them. 
Just need a few more hours in the day to get all I want to done!

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