Sunday, October 13, 2013

Introducing Reed Lukas

Oh, I had the pleasure of traveling to Ohio this weekend with
Lil Miss.  We took off excitedly Friday morning ready to meet my
new nephew Reed Lukas who was born last Monday 10/7/13. 

I was afraid my sister and brother in law were going to have to throw me out since Lil Miss and I were over there almost the entire weekend, but I think it helps that I won't be around for a couple weeks and live so far away.   
On Saturday morning, we spent a few hours
taking beautiful pictures of the little peanut.   

The Little Buckeye 

 My favorite photos of the whole morning were when the
big brothers came in. 
They are obviously proud Big Brothers!!  

Pointing out the babies toes and kissing him on
top of the head.....priceless. 

My Lil Miss got in on the action too! 
There was a lot of chaos behind the scenes.
Silly faces!!! 

Seriously two weeks is too long to cuddle with him again!!
Thanks Beth and Scott for letting me make myself at home in your house basically all weekend.
I am a proud Auntie!!

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