Wednesday, October 30, 2013

God Bless this Child

The past week has gone by in a blur.
Just a week ago, we were surrounding by huge snowflakes and everything covered in white!
Yes, I am not making it up. 
We had quite the little snow flurry last week.  Who knew?
Oct. 22nd and over an inch of snow!!
The kids ran outside like it was Christmas.
We pulled out the winter coats, the hats, the scarves, the snow pants, and boots. 
We dug out the sleds from under the swimming pool and water guns, which it feels we just used yesterday and prepared for winter.
After the tea party on Sunday, the whole week felt like a celebration for Lil Miss.
She wore her crown every where. 
Grocery Store
and to Bed.
On Thursday night, we did the whole cake and ice cream thing,
and opened a few more gifts.
Baby girl had the whole "Happy Birthday to Me" song down and
sang it nonstop.
Over the Weekend we headed to Ohio, for my nephew Reed's baptism. 
Lil Miss tried to capture some shots of the baptism.... little photographer!
Nate was chosen as Reed's godfather, so we wouldn't have missed it. 

We love Father Mark.  He baptized all my little ones. 
He had the kids help with a few of the steps.  Rosie helped him
with the Frankincense and Bubba helped drape the baptismal cloth on little Reed. 

One happy family.
Going back to Beth and Scott's house, the kids had a blast playing with their cousins. 
The house was filled with kids giggling and lots of pretend car noises. 
We did triple duty with the cupcakes, celebrating Reed's baptism, Lil Miss's third birthday and Mason's third birthday at the same time.
Birthday Kids 
 Nate got in his Reed time.... awwww. 
Gigi was in baby heaven too. 
She's a natural.
 Sadly, the trip was too short and we found ourselves Sunday morning
packing up and saying goodbye.  It was so
hard to leave this little booger... but Thanksgiving will be here soon.  
 We are back at home now having archery practice and
trying not to break anything too important. 
 I have to be content with getting pictures of my littlest nephew
every other day and hearing his little noises through the phone.  
So blessed to be a part of his life. 

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  1. 2nd picture...graduation cake! it's perfect! :O:!