Monday, October 21, 2013

A very merry BIRTHDAY tea party

Yesterday, my girls hosted a toddler tea party. 
Instead of doing a birthday party for Lil Miss we decided to do a
toddler tea party for some of her friends.  My oldest two were just
as excited for the party as Lil Miss. 
They all dressed up and helped me set the table for the prettiest tea party ever!  

We had made lace crowns for all the little girls and gave them beaded necklaces to add to their princess like attire.   
The girls all showed up in their Sunday best.  
 I just adore little girls drinking out of the little tea cups. 
The moms were worried about breaking the fancy cups.. but I had thought ahead and
purchased a few extras from the Goodwill so we were good. 
Amazingly enough there were no broken tea cups!

Olivia has the "tea" sipping down.
Our "tea" was strawberry and chocolate milk. 
It was toddler friendly.    
We had a dance party in the living room where they sang "ring around the rosey"
and twirled around to make their dresses billow.  
Joe and Angie brought their two girls. 
Josie and Ella were a big hit with all the little girls. 
They were trying to keep up with all that was going on around them.  
Of course the girls didn't have enough sugar with M & M's and jellybeans,
we HAD to have cupcakes.  
Can't believe this little girl is turning 3!!!
Ella and Josie gave the cupcakes two thumbs up!
Thank you to all the little girls who made Lil Miss' special day 
so memorable.  She was going to bed last night talking about her tea party. 
It was a hit! 


  1. Cute cute - we had a fabulous time at our first tea party :) Can't wait to do it again!

  2. The party was so much fun. When I picked Olivia up from school today she asked if we were going to go back to Lily's for another tea party.

  3. Hey!! Such a cute birthday tea party. All the children are looking so cute. Really liked your ideas of crown and necklace. Will surely arrange best things for my daughter’s birthday party at one of venues in Los Angeles. Will invite all her toddler friends for the day.