Sunday, November 3, 2013

Trick or Treat

Halloween is over but we still have enough
candy to last us through the winter.
As much as I detest dressing up for Halloween,
I love to help my kids celebrate the holiday. 
We waited until the last possible day to carve or "paint" pumpkins. 
Daddy had been so busy and I dreaded doing the whole carving
thing by myself because I don't really let the kids
use sharp knives... so paint it was.
  The girls had a blast painting the pumpkins. 
I had everything set up after school and the kids were excited to get started.

The finished pumpkins. 
We added a little bling this year. 
They turned out so cute!
Of course you know which one is the boy's.
The next day we ventured out into the rain for trick or treat. 
Costumes for the girls were all handmade, the ninja costume was not.
Lil Miss was Snow White.
Rosie was a beautiful butterfly.
Gigi was a peacock.
Bubba was Storm Shadow from G I Joe.

There was a bit of a drizzle all night as we trick or treated but that didn't
dampen the kids spirits. 
The worst part was waiting until Daddy got home to go.
He didn't pull into the driveway until 5:05 and the kids were
going bonkers... missing a whole 5 minutes of trick or treat time. 
After an hour in the rain and walking around the neighborhood the
kids were content to stay at home and pick through their loot.
Mommy just wanted a coffee and to sit by the fire to get warm.
Our neighbors are too good to our kids.
They got big sized candy bars, Wendy's frosty coupons, and
bags of goodies... plus some. 
It took Lil Miss awhile to get the hang of it.  The first house she went up to
she screamed "Candy!!" instead of "Trick or Treat". 
By the third or fourth house she got into the rhythm. 

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