Friday, November 29, 2013

It's HER Birthday!!!

It's Rosie's 9th Birthday today!! 
I can hardly believe it. 
Wasn't just yesterday I was bringing her to the first day of preschool?
(one of the few before pictures we have)
This little girl has my heart.  
As much as I think we are so different, we are very much alike too. 
We are two extremely emotional girls and you get us into an argument... usually one of 
us ends up crying.  
Nothing makes me happier than to see her love for being creative.  
She watches me like a hawk while I craft, scrapbook, or sew, and then does it on her own. 
Love sharing the love of creating!!! 
(April 2010)
Yes, we have a hard relationship from the start and yes, we struggle with 
trusting each other with our hearts... but when it is just the two of us 
we are able to bond and grow our relationship as mother and daughter.
(September 2010)
I look forward to many more mother/daughter dates, lots of pedicures, 
heart to heart talks and seeing you grow up to be such a kind and caring young lady.
(September 2011)
You are such a strong human being.  
You have been thrown so much in life and are such an 
inspiration on love.  Your brothers and sisters are so lucky 
to have you in their corner because they couldn't have a better 
big sister!
 (October 2012)
So I hope you enjoy your day and feel special as 
we celebrate you!!! 
Happy Birthday Rosie!! 

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  1. Happy Birthday Rosie!! You are turning into a beautiful young lady and I love watching you grow!