Monday, November 4, 2013

Mommy and Me Date

Saturday was a special day.
Gigi cashed in her "mommy time" coupon.
For parent/teacher conferences a week ago, we told the
kids if we got good reports that they are trying their best and
working hard on their grades then they would
get a date with either mommy or daddy.  
Gigi automatically picked me. 
The other two picked daddy because he is more fun.  :-( 
I was bummed, but they don't know how much Mommy can be. 
We took off on Saturday afternoon. 
First stop on our date was lunch.
Gigi picked Chili's, so we had a good girl talk while we waited for our food.
After lunch, we headed to a shoe store. 
During her basketball game that morning I noticed she was slipping and sliding down the court with no traction on her school tennis shoes, so we went shopping for shoes for basketball. 
What girl doesn't like shoe shopping?
Our last stop was JCPenny's.
I was trying to think of things to do on the dates that didn't cost a bundle. 
The important thing was the time together not the money we spent.
So we went to the Sephora counter to get an Express Makeover. 
We both had our eyes done and Gigi was in HEAVEN!!
The lady had her at purple glitter! 
Gigi came home with a lip gloss we purchased and I also got a few small things for Rosie's
birthday coming up.  Daddy is not so happy.  
I loved having the time with her to talk about school, friends, and
any else that she wanted to without being interrupted by her siblings. 
What a special day!!   
Yesterday ended up being a perfect Fall day!!
We worked on some things around the house and were outside
as much as possible. 
We have one corner of the backyard where the neighbor's birch tree drops the perfect
leaves on our side of the fence.  The kids spent hours raking them into a huge pile and then jumping in it, only to do it over and over again.   
I found traces of the leaf pile strewn all over the house today!  
 Then Daddy came home with more brown bags and our fun was done.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as we did!!!

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