Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving Recap

I know it's already been a week since Thanksgiving, 
I've been slacking, but here is finally a recap of our Thanksgiving week. 
Gigi started out our Turkey Week festivities with a Thanksgiving program at school. 
Lil Miss was a wee bit excited to see her sister!!!
Gigi did great saying her lines and singing their songs. 
{Gigi and her friend Ellie}
When school got out we packed up the truck (because the minivan was in the shop indefinitely) and 
headed to Ohio.  It was a cozy ride with all 6 of us in the truck, but we had alot to be thankful for.  
First on the list was having another vehicle that we could drive home. 
 The kids were so excited to see Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Neil.
On Wednesday night, Nate and I were able to slip away for a few hours to 
visit with some friends.  It's always good to catch up, since not everytime we 
visit do we get time away to see them.  
While we were home in Ohio celebrating Thanksgiving, someone also celebrated her 9th birthday! 
She was completely spoiled and has made enough loom bracelets to go all the way up to elbow!!
{birthday girl}
 The kid's pitched in setting the table at Aunt Kathy's. 
Yes there were three kinds of silverware at some of the place settings, but they 
were placed there with love! 

 I tried to sneak in as many cuddles with 
my little guy Reed at Thanksgiving too.  
He is just the most perfect little baby boy you ever did see!  
Nothing like getting together with the family!!!   

{my brothers}
 Instead of pie, the kids dug into Rosie's birthday cake.  
 On Saturday we recovered from turkey coma by cheering on the Buckeyes as they 
played the biggest game of the year!!!  
The kids had a blast playing with their cousins and got along great!!  
Lil Miss just loves the baby.  It was hard to keep her away from him. 
She was doing her silly face to make him smile.  
 {these two are too cute!!! }  
By the time we headed home on Sunday it was DECEMBER FIRST!!! 
I couldn't believe it.  
My favorite month of the year.  
We spent most of the ride back to Iowa singing Christmas carols and 
starting our wish lists for Santa.  
It's the most wonderful time of the year... you can't tell by my kids faces because they 
were about sick of pictures by this point.  
The disadvantages of having a mommy who is always snapping pictures to capture a moment... even 
the unsmiley ones!!! 

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