Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Here comes Peter Cottontail...

We are back from Easter vacation.  We came home with our fill of sugar, candy, and chocolate.  The Easter Bunny found us again!  The kids once again were excellent travelers as we ride in the car to another holiday family get together.  There was much excitement in the car as we drove the 6 1/2 hours home.  Talk about the Easter Bunny, hunting eggs, wearing pretty dresses (that would be Gigi) and playing with the cousins made the car ride go fast.  On Friday morning they were up and talking Grandma and Grandpa Schulte's ear off. 
 {fish fry.... yum}
Friday my only requirement from Nate was to not plan anything so we could relax and that was exactly what I did.  We put our feet up at Nate's Parents and hung out all day.  The only time we went out was to go on a walk and head to the fish fry for supper.  The Kalida Fish Fry is a staple in town.  Nate and I hadn't been there in years.  It is still a long line to get your fish but the fish was delicious.  Lil Miss had to act all "Miss Independent" on us and sit all by herself and ward off any help from mommy.  She did a pretty good job.  Gives this mommy tears to think how much she has grown up! 
{Uncle Nate and Jack}
On Saturday we started the Easter festivities.  We had the Schulte Easter for lunch and Blankemeyer Easter for Supper, needless to say we were stuffed come dessert time.  The kids had a great time  playing with the cousins.  There is never enough time with them when we are home. 
{ready, set..... go}
There were lots of Easter egg hunts.  Plastic Eggs filled with jelly beans were a bounty full award for each excited kid. 
{Megan and Rosie}
{grandma and Jack}
{Lil Miss was getting the hang of finding the eggs}
{Who can find the most eggs?}
And what can be more Easter than shooting a 22?  No, seriously.  Of course my husband had one of his brilliant ideas again and got my grandpa Unverferth's old 22 out of the closet on Easter.  The boys took turns aiming for paper plate targets, pop cans, and a milk jug filled with water. 
{Jacob and Uncle Nate}
Nate has been around since Jacob was born.  We have been dating over 16 years!!  When Nate and I were going to college at Ohio State we would visit my brother and his family regularly.  Usually when we were craving a good home cooked meal.  We got to see Brooke, Jacob, and Faith grow up as we trick or treated with them, baby sat, and just hung out.  It's sad that since we moved away we haven't been able to spend very much quality time with them except on family vacations and even then we now have 4 children that take up a lot of our time too.  So to see Jacob and Nate talking and doing stuff together (even if it is shooting guns) is really sweet. 
{Dennis joined in the action too}
And my mom, Annie Oakley, took a few tries at the gun also.  I love my mom and how she can do just about ANYTHING.  Really, how many moms out there would be taking aim at targets on Easter?  Not many. 
{Blankemeyer Cousins}
We are missing a few of the kids but here is 8 of the 11. 
By the time we got to Grandma Judy's Easter egg hunt, Lil Miss was an old pro. 
She doubled her egg finding skills and collected 8 eggs!!
{Mason and Lil Miss... too cute!}
{Faith and Rosie}
{someone is excited about his new car}
On Easter morning we were all dressed up in our Easter best and headed to church.  Bubba was so excited he didn't want to take off his new hat Uncle Neil got him. 
{Family Picture}
This little girl was over tired when we got back from church.  It took 6 tries to finally get her to take a nap.  I think Nate still owes my sister Kathy money from betting that she would finally go down.  It was a controversy.  Nate and I took turns getting her out of the pack n play as she was crying.  One of us would go get her out of the bed and the other would say she will just eventually fall asleep.  That went on and on until she finally closed her eyes.  She slept for 3 1/2 hours!! 
{Me, My Mom, and My sister Kathy}
{Full of Sass}
Gigi kept taking my shoes and walking around the living room.  She is my little diva always in skirts or dresses and she gets around in my heels like a pro.   Such a girlie girl.
 {all excited about her petticoat!!}
Rosie's dress for Easter was one that I made.  The petticoat and ALL.  It turned out okay, it was by no means perfect.  But Rosie was in Love with it and that makes everything worth while.  For one of my first projects with the sewing machine I am proud.  I see lots of dresses in my future.  When she went to school today she asked if she could wear her petticoat.  GEEEZZ!!  I can't catch a break with a tom boy can I?  I promised her she could wear it to church but not to school.  :-) 
Before we packed up to leave we visited my sister Beth's house to check out the new swing set that my brother in law built over the weekend.  I would say that my nephews are in LOVE with their new addition to the backyard.  Even Mason, who is scared of grass, was out there going up and down the slide giggling.  It will get a ton of use.  The kids can't wait to go back to play on it again. 

{Gigi and Uncle Neil}
All in all it was a great weekend and we were glad to make it a 4 day weekend to not feel so rushed.  We got to play and mingle as much as we wanted. 
{Lauren and Gigi ... both who will be starting Kindergarten this fall}
Now we are back to reality and mom is doing laundry non stop and getting everything put away that exploded in the house after emptying the van.  I almost have it all put away except for the laundry which never seems to be done.  The jelly bean dish is still full so we are still all smiles.  I hear the "Bunny Hop" song in the kitchen so I think that is my cue to go watercolor with Gigi while Lil Miss is down for a nap.  Hope you all enjoyed Easter with family as well! 
Hop Hop Hop.......

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