Sunday, April 1, 2012

An Egg-stra-ordinary Day!!

It's Sunday night, the house is quiet and I am listening to the windchimes tingling out my office window. Is this momma in heaven or what? Silence, blogging and sitting in my pjs, I would call that my happy place. Today was an Egg-stra-ordinary day! We started it off with a egg hunt after church this morning. Lil Miss wasn't sure what to think of it. When the lady shouted "GO", Lil Miss took off for the door. The big kids got their share of eggs though. Lots of tootsie rolls and bubble gum. With our sugar stash set we headed home.
{it's a blur because they are moving at warp speed picking up all the eggs, except for Lil Miss who is just running for the door}
Dad definitely had plans for a Lazy Sunday and that is definitely what I would call our day. We did get out and shoot a few hoops. 2 on 2, Daddy and Bubba kicked me and Rosie's butts. I think Daddy fouled Mommy though a few times! He plays dirty. We finally unearthed the kids Christmas presents that Nate bought them. Each of them got a create a project to make with Daddy. They all require some drilling, nailing, painting and general Bob Villa pizazz. Nate (being the diplomat he is) put a number on a piece of paper and had the kids guess numbers from 1 - 10 to see who's project would get made today. Rosie won (after cheating and looking thru the paper) and Bubba was eliminated after guessing 12 which is not between 1 and 10.{ever seen someone so happy to be sanding?}
Rosie's project was a picture frame/pencil holder.
{finished project--pretty cute!}
I love the two-tone look. That was Rosie's idea -- she wanted pink and yellow! She helped me pick out the pictures for her holder. One had Daddy and her, another was with me and she HAD to have her American Girl Doll, Bella in one. She (and Daddy) did a Great Job!! I can't wait to see the other two complete their projects.
While those two were busy making a mess on my driveway, me and the younger three pulled out the toys and cruised around. Gigi was styling riding Bubba's rip rider around. If you haven't seen one this little cruiser is so fun! The back wheels spin all around so when you apply the brakes the back end spins around. Good Times.
Lil Miss was out burning rubber too!
Bubba is a little determined boy when it comes to his rip stick. He has it down once he gets on it, now he is really trying to master the art of starting it without holding onto something. We have a few scraped knees and bummed elbows, but he keeps trying every moment he gets.
Of course we couldn't forget to color eggs this year. I had purchased the tablets earlier in the week and the package had taunted the kids all week. Everyday after school they asked "is this the day we are coloring eggs?". So I finally hard-boiled all 2 dozen eggs and set up the table to have a Egg Coloring Fest.

They were very creative this year on how they wanted them to look. They wrote secret messages on some and couldn't wait to see their message "appear" when they plopped the egg in the cup. They are drying in the fridge as we speak and the girls have big plans to cover them with stickers the first chance they get.
{waffle cones filled with ice cream, strawberries & whip cream.... yum yum}
For supper I made tacos, no big deal, but for dessert I made up waffle bowls with a concoction of strawberries, ice cream, and whip cream. It was delicious!!
{Licking every drip of whip cream out of her bowl!}
Dessert was a success!! I know I don't need the kids to love every meal I cook, because let's be serious, I am pretty adventurous and we have tried some recipes that fail. But when you spend time making something and put your heart into it and see these smiles on the kids faces you know you aced it! It makes all the meals they didn't appreciate worth it for this one moment. I mommy needs this every once in awhile. {cleaning up daddy's mess ..... someone's got to do it! :-) }
Now mommy gets to sit at the computer and put all our exploits into my "journal" and reflect on a pretty ordinary day, but to us it was pretty amazing. I hate when the weekdays come around because that means Daddy has to go back to work and the "routine" takes us through everyday. Weekends are so fun because they are unplanned and unpredictable. The best part of this week is that it is only 4 days long and then we are headed back to Ohio to see family and celebrate Easter. It will go so fast.... that reminds me I need to go finish Rosie's Easter Dress or she won't have anything to wear. Happy Sunday!!

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