Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Day at the Zoo

Last Tuesday we made it to the Zoo for 1/2 priced Tuesdays.  Me and the Girls packed our lunches and soon after we dropped the two oldest off at school we headed for the Zoo.  It was our first time this year.  Last Fall we had made it there 2 times.  It is a rather small Zoo but perfect for a day with two little girls.  The train ride is definitely worth it, as Lil Miss waved to every passerby as the choo-choo chugged along. 
 I love my girlie time!  Gigi takes such great care of her sister and watches out for her. 
 Gigi wanted to climb all the animal sculptures.  Easy Entertainment... I just wait for the day that Lil Miss will be climbing them with her. 
 Can you believe how big this girl has gotten???  She looks so grown up.
 The elephants were one of our favorites to watch.  We even stayed and had our lunch in a grassy spot that we could watch them and eat too!  They are so BIG!
We tried to let Lil Miss feed the ducks and fish like big sis, but the first little fish pebble I gave her to throw went straight in her mouth (yuck) so we will wait to feed the fish some other time.  We also paid to feed the giraffes.  I thought I had Gigi all excited to do it until we walked up to the giraffes and they were drooling green slime from the lettuce.  Then Gigi wanted nothing to do with feeding them.  So this momma put both girls in her arms and tried to feed the giraffes at the same time.  It was quite entertaining.  Needless to say with both of my hands occupied and my arms FULL we didn't get any pictures.  Gigi did love the baby giraffe though and wanted to take her home.  :-)  It was a good morning adventure. 

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