Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Weekend Recap

So its been a little bit since I last posted. 
Nothing too exciting has been happening here.  
We've been getting our teeth cleaned.... 
going to school... 
 and busy with homework after school.
Routine keeps us busy.  
We did have an exciting weekend though.  
The kids participated in the school's talent show.  
The planning started for this awhile ago, and the kids had decided to sing.  
That decision wasn't easy to come up with.  
Bubba originally wanted to show off his dance moves, but the girls really wanted to do something with him and didn't feel confident in doing something by themselves.  
Then they started going through all the music on my phone and 
debating back and forth which song they should do.  
Rosie wanted to sing Katy Perry or Taylor Swift. 
Gigi wanted to sing a song from Frozen. 
Bubba didn't want to sing a song that was sung by a girl. 
So after much deliberation, they chose a song I have on my phone from the former TV show SMASH. 
It's not a secret I love musicals and show tunes and Broadway Here I Come, is a song from a musical. It's obscure though, and I was worried that no one would know the song but they finally agreed on something, so we went with it.  
They practiced and practiced.  
We sang it before school, on the way to school, after school, and annoyed daddy by singing it a lot.  
By the time they sang it on Saturday, Daddy even knew most of the words from hearing it many times in the last two weeks. 
I was a proud momma. 
They weren't nervous, and had so much fun up on stage.  
I was more nervous than them.  They sang the song acapella (without background music) and 
sung it beautifully.  
link to perfomance:  
It was amazing to see how much talent they have at their school.  
A fun evening! 

And that wasn't the only thing we did all weekend.
We attended Gigi's Booker Bear presentation. 
She earned a little stuffed bear for reading 10 books.  

That's our weekend wrap-up. 


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