Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend Recap

If I had to label this weekend with one word, I would use BUSY. 
It was an absolutely fun, full of friend time weekend... but BUSY. 
A weekend so busy, that I am not prepared today for Monday and hence
brought the kids to school in my pjs and wore a hat to cover up the fact that 
this girl didn't even comb her hair!  
The three kids that had to go out in public to go to school look okay. 
Lil Miss and I are not, but to me those days are okay.  
We will use this Monday to catch up.  
I can always use another day of rest from running at the gym anyways.  LOL
So instead of running upstairs to comb my hair, I am at the computer blogging in my pjs.  
Like I said its a "rest day". 

So our weekend went something like this. 
 Friday night, Bubba and his friends had their last basketball game of the season.
They played during the half time of the Bettendorf Boys Reserve game.
So proud of these boys, they are a great group of friends and have a ball on AND off the court.

On Saturday, we had a whole day of basketball ahead of us.  
Gigi had her last game of the season and then Rosie played 
in a basketball tournament.  
Rosie and her best friend Emily played their hearts out. 
All my kids are all so lucky to have good friends on their teams.   

We came home exhausted from a day of dribbling and free throws.  
To show my kid's dedication, they came home from a long day on the courts and wanted to shoot 
baskets in the driveway.  They LOVE basketball. 
Sunday was filled with the Blue and Gold Banquet.  
This is wear the scouts rank up, Bubba went from a Wolf to a Bear. 
Momma was on the Blue and Gold committee and was in charge of decorations.  
A decorating committee of one.  
With help from the Webelos in making the paracord bracelets for every scout, the 
centerpieces turned out beautifully. 

Sunday night, Gigi had two friends over to celebrate her birthday.
It wasn't anything big, Gigi wanted to cook so we made homemade pizzas and 
decorated cupcakes. 
 There was a lot of frosting licking.

And now today we are back into routine and school. 
Lil Miss was ready to "go to work" this morning. 
I hope you are all enjoying your Mondays. 

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