Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Babies, Valetines, and Hugs

This past weekend, I took the kiddos to Ohio for a 4 day weekend.  
Daddy wasn't able to get away, so we left him to a quiet relaxing weekend and 
made the 7 hour trip East. 
On Friday, I woke up to a precious little someone. 
My sister Beth, dropped off the boy's so we could watch them. 
 I hadn't snuggled with Baby Reed since Christmas, so I couldn't wait to get 
my hands on him.  I had to elbow my way past my sister, Kathy, and my mom
but I got in my Reed time.   
Of course, my kids were once again spoiled.  
Kathy and Grandma gave all the kids a valentine's surprise, and they were quickly hyped up 
on M and M's and candy hearts. 
 The kids had a lot of energy, by 10 am the adults were exhausted.  
They played dress up... 
had dance parties... 
and played in the snow a dozen times.  
Grandma Judy has the BEST sledding hill.  
The kids had a worn sledding path down the hill that had them gliding into the field.  
Lots of hot chocolate was drank every time they came in to warm up. 

Someone tried to throw snowballs at the photographer. 
Lincoln was determined to ride the snowboard.  He went down a hundred times, each time getting a little further down the hill.  Future olympian. 
My kids couldn't get enough of their cousins.  
You would have thought they would have gotten sick of each other, but no.  
The boys didn't want to leave and convinced their parents to even stay the night. 
Gigi's birthday is this week, so we celebrated her birthday at 
both grandma's houses.  She had a blast blowing out her candles multiple times.  
It was a real treat.  
We made a lot of memories, and the fun carried us home on an extra long 
drive because of the weather.  
We drove home on Monday in a snow storm, lucky enough that the snow didn't start until we passed Chicago.  I pulled into the driveway so glad to be home.  My back ached and arms were relieved from the tension of holding onto the steering wheel with both hands as we traveled in the snow storm.  
Now the snow is melting and we are back into the routine of school and all that brings.  
Missing my nephews already but so happy to have long weekends to spend making memories.

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