Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring is Coming!!

Yesterday was a breath of fresh air.  
I eagerly turned down the thermostat in the house, opened the front door to let the sunshine in, and 
truly enjoyed the first signs that spring is coming!  
 Lil Miss and I skipped the gym this morning and headed to the river.  
I wanted to go bald eagle watching all winter, but with it so cold we never had the chance. 
So we headed to the Mississippi River edge yesterday, knowing we would see very few eagles.. 
but hoped to birds of any kind.
We weren't picky.  
We were not disappointed. 
We saw
one bald eagle. 
The fast melting snow had made the ground soggy and muddy. 
The best thing to stomp in if you are a three year old.  
Her rubber rain boots don't look clean anymore, they look like someone had fun getting 
muddy.  Her purple pants were mud soaked to her knees before we got back in the van. 

 The highlight of our morning is when we heard a choo choo train in the distance.  
Girl loves her choo choos.  
A few minutes later a cool sleeper train passed by. 
The shortest little train ever.  
We enjoyed our first spring like day. 
Living here in the Quad Cities for almost 3 years, I still love discovering new places to explore.  
To learn more about the city in which I live, I sometimes just drive around and get lost.  
Driving home from Davenport yesterday, I turned onto a couple side streets and got to explore a new area.  I don't mind the drive, especially with the windows down and Mary Poppins singing 
perky songs on the radio.  

That is how we spent our day.  How did you spend yours?  

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