Monday, March 24, 2014

A Messy House

Spring Break

We didn't fly to a far away location or sink our feet into a sandy beach. 
We did have fun, right at home. 
For three days, we had fun in Ohio with the cousins and grandparents. 

Then we came home and tried to have something fun and exciting everyday. 
Exciting is relative.  
One day "special' was the movie Frozen on our doorstep and grasshoppers to drink.  Non-alcoholic of course.  

We tried to go swimming on Wednesday, but of course 20 minutes after being there a baby's diaper had leaked in the pool and we were kicked out of the pool for cleaning.  We have really bad timing.  

Happiness is all about expectation.  When mommy acts all excited about picnic lunches in the living room, going to the park, and slumber parties in Mom and Dad's room, then everyone is excited.  Well, maybe not Dad, but the kids are excited.  

If a messy house is a sign of having a good time (and not that mommy is a bad housekeeper) then we had loads of fun over spring break.  

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