Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Two of my favorite boys

Over vacation I got a chance to take some pictures of two of my favorite little guys.  They are not easy boys to photograph.  My sister hasn't taken them to a photo studio because she doesn't know how they would handle it.  Lincoln let me know when he was done with the pictures and he didn't forget about the cookie he was promised. 
 {seriously aren't they the cutest}

 {I LOVE his eyes}

{look carefully and he is balancing a stone on his toes}

{only family picture shot without Mason's fingers in his mouth}
 {it sure was darn cute though}
Oh and of course I got pictures of my sister and my brother in law.  It seems like every year we are able to get a few pictures in of the boys.  They aren't professional shots, but they were free so I shouldn't hear her complain!  LOL  Hope you enjoy their cute faces as much as I do. 

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