Wednesday, July 18, 2012


We love play dates.
Mommy loves them because the kids have someone to play with other than me.  It gives me a break.  The kids love it because they get to see their friends.  Win Win.  We had friends come to visit from Ottumwa and play. 

{Hayden and Rosie playing water hopscotch}
{Lainey and Gigi}
{Aren't these girls just the prettiest?  Maeryn is a cutie pie.  She put up with Lil Miss stealing all her toys!}
We really miss these guys. 
That's the hardest thing about the move here.
Leaving good friends.
Making new friends doesn't seem to be that easy. 

This Girl is a handful.  Doesn't this look say -- I am going to give you so much trouble just wait and see!  At least that is how I interpret it. 
It is extremely hot out and we are just trying everything to keep cool. 
We have gone through boxes and boxes of Popsicles. 
This weekend should be interesting with the heat and camping.
Let's just say, I am glad there will be a lake to go take a dip when I am
sweating from head to toe. 

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