Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Friday!

Hello There Mr. Friday.  We look forward to you every week.  Friday holds promises of fun, giggles, time with daddy, and laziness.  Also Fridays usually include mommy packing up clothes and all of our necessities (like Nate's pillow and Lil Miss's elephant) so we can sleep pleasantly away from home.  Today is not unlike every other Friday this summer, we are headed out for another trip.  This time we are packing up the camper and headed to Lake Red Rock.  Can't wait to see old friends and enjoy a drink and a game of corn hole.  I was so nervous all week because of the 100+ temps and how hot we all will be at the campsite.  Then I wake up today and it is overcast and I needed a jacket to go to the mailbox.  I think we will be just fine and the campfire might actually feel good to cozy up to. 
We made it through the HOT week doing alot of nothing.  Really.  There was alot of inside play.  I think we all fought over the air conditioner and spots on the couch for movie time.  We did get out occasionally.  There was even a late in the day bike ride. 
We didn't go far.  Only to the playground closest to our house and back.  But we were thoroughly soaked with sweat when we walked in the front door.  Gigi had sweat dripping into her eyes and had to stop a dozen times to wipe her forehead as she scootered back home.  It was comical.
What's a better way to cool off than with peach crisp and ice cream?  I couldn't resist the peaches in the produce aisle and just had to surprise Nate with a peach dessert.  He is a sucker for anything peach.  I made peach crisp for dessert and it was delicious! 
The kid's had a birthday party to go to at Incredible Pizza on Wednesday.  They all had a blast.  Lil Miss rode the carousel at least 2 dozen times.  I was getting dizzy.  The carousel played "It's a small world" as it spinned round and round.  Guess what I have stuck in my head now?  Yep, worse than Disney.
Bubba was having fun getting bumped around on the bumper cars and then Daddy just had to get in on the action and play guitar hero.
These two seemed way to happy strumming away on their guitars. 
I see much more of this in their future.  Daddy and Son bonding. 
So now I have to get ready for smores, hot dogs on the fire, and songs around the campfire.  Okay, maybe there won't be Kumbayah around the fire, but I am pretty sure there will be laughter, drinks, and pictures... yes, I am sure I will take pictures.  Let's load the camper.

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