Monday, July 23, 2012

Camp Friends and Marshmallows

I am writing this after having all 6 loads of laundry out of the wash and all but the last load folded.  Woohoo.  And that was my day and how was yours?  No really.  We pulled in last night after camping with some good friends at Lake Red Rock this past weekend.  Oh, how I miss them all already.  It was such a good time catching up and making new memories.  This was the first time camping with the old gang since we have had kids.  It was definitely a different experience. 
Instead of beer and cornhole, we had juice boxes and playdoh.  This was the longest we had driven in the camper to date also.  We had a 2 1/2 hour trip to lake Red Rock and we made it without any problems.  The whole getting gas while we have the camper hooked up is a bit of a scary thing for Nate and I so we avoided that again by keeping it under the 4 hour thresehold.  Wait til next weekend... I will be crossing our fingers til then. 
We passed the time in the truck with singing, cloud watching and traffic safety bingo.  Daddy couldn't stand our singing so he found his own entertainment.
{our fearless leader}
Nate is getting so good at driving and maneuvering the truck with the camper attached that it only took him one try at backing it up into our campsite.  He looked like a pro.  So proud of my honey... the better he gets the less he yells at me for not giving the right hand signals when backing up.  Somehow it is always my fault.
Saturday morning Nate and I enjoyed coffee outside while the kids played indoors.  It was heaven!  That's how everyday should start.  Late that morning we headed out to the Lake on our friend Chaney's boat.  We were out there most of the day and the kids did great!  Lil Miss floated in the water for a couple of hours without too much complaint.  This momma has not one picture of the boat or on the beach the next day.  Unlike me, I forgot my camera BOTH times.  So just imagine the kids splashing in the water and jumping off the boat to see who could make the biggest splash.  There were lots of smiles. It was so great seeing all of our Ottumwa friends.  The kids got along very well at the campsite and there was no fighting among the adults either.. except if you count Nate wanting to slap me because I was shining the flashlight in his face.  But that was just fun!! 
 {smile Chaney}
 {everybody pitched in around the campsite}
 {lots of little feet running around the camp}
 FYI --- if Nate asks you if you want to help cut the potatoes run the other way.  Poor Todd was cutting the potatoes forever! 
 The only thing that kept this one preoccupied for more than 5 minutes was playdoh.  She sat there for the longest time playing.  So sweet.  Then she would turn into Godzilla wrecking havoc on the entire campsite.  What are we going to do?  :-)
 It was a great time and we promise to do it again soon.  We will keep in touch until then though... like these two boys.  Oh, what would we do with out cell phones?   3 more days until the next camping trip.  I need to go to the store and stock up on more sunscreen....


  1. Oh how fun!! So sad we missed it...

  2. We are sad you missed it too! It was a WAy different experience than when we didn't have kids. The kids learned "earmuffs". LOL