Sunday, May 31, 2015

School is Out! Scream and Shout!

We are officially in Summer mode. 
School let out on Thursday and we celebrated another year completed.
{First and Last Day of 4th Grade} 
{First and Last Day of 3rd Grade} 
 {First and Last Day of 2nd Grade} 
 {First and Last Day of 3 Day Preschool} 
In true mommy fashion, I had a little pile of new things for waiting for them in the morning.
The downfall of having surprises for the kids is the excitement. 
On the last day of school Bubba, came down for a glass of water at 5 am 
and saw the gifts on the table and then woke up his little sisters.
When Nate went downstairs to go to work 3 of the kids were up and 
ready to start the day.... WAY to early. 
Let's home they learn to sleep in the rest of the summer. 
It is always fun to see the kid's delight in getting new books, notebooks, 
pencils, bookmarks, and reading logs for the summer. 
In fact that morning they were all ready delving into the books and Bubba 
was penning his first entry in his new journal. 
Let's hope this excitement lasts all summer long. 
Mommy is way to excited to start The Babysitter's Club books with Gigi. 
Next year will be Rosie's last year in elementary school. 
It is crazy to think about. 
I remember dropping her off on the first day of preschool when she was 5.
It is amazing how much the kids can learn in a year.  
Rosie continued her love for science and fell in love with geography this year. 
Bubba has found an eagerness to read.  He has ventured into more advanced chapter books and his vocabulary in one year has really broadened.  We are currently reading the first book of Harry Potter!
Gigi loves school and is my little writer.  She is always journaling and writing mini books. 
Last but not least, Lil Miss has grown up before my very eyes in 3 day pre-k. 
 We love our school. 
They really have great school pride and school spirit. 
A great tradition is the last day of school, all the students congregate outside with the parents around the flag pole to take the flag down.  In brings everyone together.  
I great way to say good-bye to another year.  
Once again we celebrated with our "Welcome to Summer" party.
The kids each had some friends over and we celebrated with music, water balloons, 
slip-n-slide shenanigans, and lots of laughs. 
Celebrating the ordinary days is what I do best. 
I love having parties.  I like the planning and the fine details (even when my hubby is 
telling me I'm nuts for decorating the chalk board at 11pm at night).
I found this quote a long time ago and I have made it my philosophy. 
Turn ordinary into extraordinary!

 Don't Wait for extraordinary opportunities, 
sieze common occasions and make them great. 
Orison Sweet Marden

  I had spent an hour and a half the night before filling up 100 water balloons. 
I have a nasty blister to prove it.  Those balloons in all the craziness lasted all of 7 minutes
when the balloons started splashing Boys vs. Girls.
We can honestly say we have jumped wholeheartedly into summer and 
can't wait to make more memories.  
More fun to come....

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