Thursday, May 21, 2015

and so the adventure begins

It's that time of year.  
We get ready to live weekends in our second home. 
The camper. 
The first camping weekend of the year is always the most work. 
Finding all the things that we took out of the camper always requires a little digging and 
a whole lot of memory power. 
A few things are usually forgotten.  Such as: salt and pepper, butter, 
my daughter's socks, and enough blankets for the cold nights.  Ooops
  By camping trip number 2, I've usually remedied the situation and we are more prepared.
 The kids are always excited to camp. 
They see camping as playing outside, hiking, and eating smores.
 Mom sees camping as living outside (as close to my dream treehouse as I'm going to get),
hiking and exploring, and nights around the campfire with the hubby.
Sounds like a dream vacation to me. 

 Of course when we return from a camping trip we are a little dirty.
Some of us more than others...
And no camping trip is complete without smores. 
New Trick: Marshmallows between fudge stripe cookies.... mmmmm
Thanks for the tip Aunt Dini. 

So be warned the camping post will start because that is where we spend the weekends. 
In the Great Outdoors.

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