Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Baseball Momma

It's Baseball Season.
My son is starting his third year of baseball and his FIRST with kid-pitch. 
Kid-pitch brings on a whole new level of anxiety for this mom on the sideline. 
Especially when your little guy is called to pitch.  
 But we love baseball.  
Like we love basketball, football, volleyball, track.... 
Nate and I love to see our kids active. 
We love seeing their enthusiasm to get homework done in record time to 
get ready for practice or better yet a game. 
We try our hardest to be at every game and for them to know we 
are in the stands cheering for them.
We love sports because it teaches them handwork and commitment. 
Especially when something doesn't come naturally easy for them, we encourage 
them to practice, practice, practice.  This holds true for learning a musical instrument, 
studying for a big test, or just LIFE. 
So I put on my proud momma hat and cheer on my boy from the bleachers.  (or lately a nice comfortable collapsible chair wrapped in a blanket and wearing gloves.... brrrrr)
Seriously, the first time I was told he was going to pitch I didn't think 
he could throw from the mound to home plate.  He's a little kid. 
But the first time I saw him out there I was so proud.  AND excited.  AND 
really nervous. 
But that is the case when my kids play in any sport.
Proud Baseball Momma, here. 

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