Monday, September 15, 2014

The symphony of our schedule

We are well into the month of September and all our fall activities are in full swing. 
Each season/year comes with its own sports, extracurricular activities, and events to put 
on the schedule.  Now with everything started our routine is a fine tuned machine. 
This isn't without hiccups though, and meetings mommy or daddy needs to attend to 
that throw our routine off  here and there.  
But for the most part we are getting the hang of our new normal. 
Last week, Rosie had her first orchestra session. 
She has chosen to play the violin.  
When she came home with the paper stating that the child has the choice of being in orchestra or not, she immediately said she was all in,even with early morning practices before school once a week!
It's only been a week, but she has been dedicated to practicing and it sounds really good.
I look forward to watching her perform in the concerts this year. 
Brings back lots of memories, since the hubby and I were both in band.   
 Lil Miss has added her own activities to our schedule this year. 
We have a ballerina in our midst. 
She is super ecstatic to be dancing on her tiptoes and learning what a pirouette is with her best-est friend.

 Is there anything cuter than little girls in leotards? 
This is quickly becoming my favorite 30 minutes of my week.  
School is going well for everyone.  
We are knee deep in homework every night and studying for tests as much as we can. 
I feel smarter every time I quiz the kids and I know the answer. 2 +2 =4 YES!!
15 years out of school and I still got it!
This past week, Lil Miss' school celebrated grandparents day and I happily 
took the place of grandma and grandpa at the party. 
I've been dying to go and see her in action. 
She has grown so much from just the few days she has been at school. 
She has learned how to write her name and even though it isn't all in order, all the letters are there.  
She can point our "her letter" on every sign as we drive down the road.  
Doesn't get old at all.  LOL

Even with all the routine, we still manage to throw some fun surprises into our lives. 
This past weekend, we visited the zoo with the hubby's work and had lots of fun.   
 The monkeys.
Carousel rides.
Tinkerbell Sighting. 
Sporting our scarlet and gray on a football Saturday. 
Every night we have something going on, its the nature of having 4 children all 
in activities and venturing more and more into the sports. 
Tonight is no exception, the boys are off at boy scouts and Rosie is getting ready for basketball practice. 
Sometimes it is just necessary for us to divide and conquer to make it all work.  

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