Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Shoe Cutting Party

In the last two weeks, I have been having a blast hosting two shoe cutting parties. 
If you are confused and asking "what a shoe cutting party is?" 
Don't worry, I had never heard about it either until this summer. 

I learned about Sole Hope through Instagram.
(see Honey, some good can come out of my obsession with Instagram)
Sole Hope is an organization that helps children in Uganda with medical aid for jiggers
(a sand flea that burrows into the soles of feet and lays eggs). 
Their mission is: offering hope, healthier lives, and freedom from 
foot-related diseases through education, jobs and medical relief.  
Anyone can host a shoe-cutting party to have a tangible way to help children walk and spread hope.  
I got a few ladies together over two nights to make the shoe "uppers" out of denim to send to Africa. 
It wasn't all work, I had appetizers and drinks for the ladies to munch on while we cut.  
It made for some fun nights! 
Using only denim jeans that were donated, we cut many pieces of size 13T shoes.  

Now these shoes and other donations of medical supplies will be sent to Uganda to be assembled by shoemakers.  Sole Hope has helped teach shoe making to impoverished women and then pays them a 
fair wage for making the shoes.  So not only is our party putting shoes on children's feet, they are also supporting mothers and their families through jobs. 

As of last night we had 45 shoes!  Thank you to all the wonderful ladies who 
helped with donations and preparing the shoes for Uganda.   
And a huge shout out to Michelle Dobson who made our fabulous Africa cookies. 
They were perfect for the night! 

For anyone who wants more information or wants to host a shoe cutting party themselves 
check out

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