Friday, September 26, 2014

Swiper, NO swipping

Let's just put it out there. 
Parenting is tough. 
It is not for the faint of heart, and some situations you just aren't prepared for. 
Where is the rule book that I can follow that my child is guaranteed to grow up and 
be a successful member of society?  
Where are the step by step instructions to get us through this new parenting hurdle?

But there isn't a book or an instruction manual. 
So we do the best we can hoping we don't screw up our kids and teach them right from wrong. 
Our latest parenting hurdle has been stealing. 
Yes, I will admit one of my children stole. 
It wasn't a toy from a friends house,or food out of the pantry or
something from a sibling, it was an actually item from a store.  
Target to be exact.  
I found the so called item while cleaning out their closet and hidden way in the back under a pair of shoes was two of this less than $10.00 item.  
I will have to admit at first I was really upset.  
How did they sneak it past me? 
Why would they do this? 
Don't they know this is wrong? 
Well, obviously they knew it was wrong because it wasn't sitting out for all to see, it was hidden deep in the recesses of the closet.  So at least there is that. 

As far as parenting goes, the first thing I do is talk to the hubby.  
Two heads are better than one, right? 
I am glad I have him to do this parenting with because as usually he calms me down and 
reminds me that he/she isn't the first child to slip something in their pocket that they really wanted. 
And then my ever-wise husband (I don't say that often enough LOL) asked me if I had 
ever stolen something.  

As much as I wanted to shout "No Way", I pulled a memory out of the really dusty part of my memory when I was younger, much younger than I am now.  *wink wink.
I was in our local IGA with my mom and just couldn't resist grabbing a piece of 5 cent Brachs Candy, which I knew my mom wouldn't get for me.  As soon as I got in the van, I slowly opened the candy to not make any sound, but before I could get it to my mouth my mom said "what do you have back there, Lynn?"
Obvious response.... Nothing.  
(I now realize I actually lied as a child too... and I thought I was a perfect angel)
Like any normal mom, my mother obviously didn't believe I was up to nothing and found out I had swiped this piece of candy.  What happened next though, has stuck with me forever.  
I had to go back into the store and apologize to the sales clerk and give the candy back.  
I remember that moment and consequence of stealing, even if it was only 5 cents.  

Fast forward a few decades, I am retelling this story to my wise husband (all this flattery earns me some shopping today, right?) and he tells me what I don't want to admit. 
We have to have them return it. 
Yes, I know this but I don't want to. 
This is where the parenting isn't for the weak comes in. 
I try to avoid awkward social situations and walking up to the clerk and admitting my child stole from them was going to be tough for me as it was for them.  Also, it was going to put a bad aurora around my favorite store in the world... Target.  

I did it though and yes I am concentrating on my side of the story... it was tough. 
It was scary for my kid too. 
On the way to Target, we talked about why stealing is wrong and how you hurt 
yourself and others when you steal.  Hubby sent me a text while we were gone telling me that one of the other kids asked "if they were going to jail?".  So even the kids at home were learning a lesson from all of this. The sales clerk at Target was super nice (maybe she should have been more stern to make this situation more dyer) and the child confessed what they had done and gave the items back.

Trust was lost that day, and they have to gain our trust back.
They are watched more intently while at stores and I have to admit that I look for bulges in pockets now in the check out line, making sure we aren't taking more out then we paid for.

Parenting sometimes mean doing things you don't want to... but no one ever said it was easy.  


  1. I stole tic tacs from Kmart and hid them under my pillow. Duh, my mom found them. I had to take them back.
    I also stole beer when I was in high school and I got caught. I'm not very good at stealing so Ive given it up. :)