Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Into the Woods

This past weekend was our last camping weekend of the year. 
It's sad, because we haven't used our camper nearly as much as we had the past two years. 
This is mainly due to mommy being gone most of the month of July.
 We went out to a park only 20 minutes from the house.  
For those of you who don't think that is really "getting away from it all", 
you haven't been out to Scott Co. Park. 
 We've camped out there before, but we stayed in a new area. 
Which means a new place to explore.... and explore we did. 

At night it got cold.  Like finger freezing, knit cap wearing, 40+ degree cold.
 The fire was not only pretty and used to roast marshmallows, it was to keep warm. 
{frost on the dandelions}
On Saturday morning, we woke up with frost on the ground. 
It was a pretty frost.  We bundled up and took off looking for some geocaches, aka "treasure".
 Bubba had a friend along so we showed him the ins and outs of geocaching.  
We were tromping through the woods and navigating through brush to find our "treasure".

 Getting muddy is fun. 
Not so pretty for the camper, though. 
 When we needed a rest, I pulled out the craft supplies and we made leaf drawings 
and play-doh popsicles. 
Mommy also had fun crafting by making long stemmed roses out of maple leaves. 
They turned out great, with a few leaves, sticks, and duct tape. 
So many things you can do with duct tape.  
We've been out to the Walnut Grove Pioneer Village a number of times, but the kids 
always find it fun to explore.  

 On Sunday the fun and games came to an end, and we packed up the camper, got it 
cleaned out for the winter and parked it in storage for the next 6 months.  
Bye Bye Camping Season. 

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