Monday, July 1, 2013

Let's Go Ride a Bike

Big things happened here in the Schulte household.
One more sign my kids are growing up way too fast. 
Lil Miss figured out how the whole bike pedaling thing works, without getting on the bike and letting the incline in the driveway send her on her way.
{her first bike ride}
She took her first bike ride around the block like a pro, getting mad when one of her siblings passed her.  Of course she wanted to be the leader.  Since then, we have taken a bike ride almost everyday. 
She has even learned from watching her brother how to ride standing up. 
Next she will be shouting "See no hands, Mom!"
{our little slugger}
This week we will be headed to Bubba's last two baseball games for the year. 
I am so proud of my little slugger.  He has really figured out how to connect with the ball the last few games.  So frustrated with his swing, he has practiced and practiced with dad and finally made the connection to how it all works.  The timing, the swing, the stance, he figured it out.  I still bite my nails every time he goes up to the plate until he gets a hit.  But there are fewer tears and more trips to first base. 
Lil Miss has gotten used to being at the ball field. 
She makes herself at home with her bag of snacks and toys and cheers on her big brother.   
 Now that June is over we are done with all the kid's camps. 
Boy Scout Camp,
Basketball Camp,
Girl Scout Camp. 
They have loved seeing their friends from school and getting out of the
house.  When not at camps and not bickering, my kids have fun together. 
My house takes a beating, but they are having fun while they raise dust.
Friday was dress up and act goofy day. 
They had dance parties in every room of the house and the giggles were
out of this world.  
To many more of these days....  

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