Thursday, July 18, 2013

A little John Deere and visiting with friends

This past Sunday we packed up the kid's and headed down to the John Deere Pavilion in Moline.   The older kids haven't been to the pavilion since we moved to the Quad Cities and since they have renovated and enlarged the children's area.
 Lil Miss was shouting "Deer, Deer" before we even got to the front doors after seeing the John Deere tractors displayed outside.  The best thing about the pavilion for kids is the ability to climb up into the equipment and act like they are driving. 
{Bubba can't wait to mow the yard with this BIG guy. }
{This looks like trouble}
{My Boys}
All week we have been trying to find fun ways to have fun and stay cool.
After watching the American Girl movie this weekend the kids have been performing songs from the movie complete with choreography.  Lil Miss likes to be in control of the microphone.
On Tuesday we made the familiar drive down to Ottumwa to see old friends.
Oh how we miss them!! 
Maeryn and Lil Miss were best buds (until Lil Miss wanted to take home Maeryn's toys). 
Those two girls are princesses and you can tell they are the youngest. 
The kid's were having so much fun, I even got time to talk to my girl friends.  Crazy!!!
We swung by the Shultz house to see my two favorite twins and their momma. 
We got there just as they were waking up from naps and in the best moods. 
I don't think these two girls ever fuss.  They are angels!!
Lil Miss couldn't get enough
Gigi has her favorite.... miss Ella. 
She waited for Ella to wake up and then monopolized all the Ella time.   
It was so sad to say good bye but I was so glad to spend the day with some great friends. 
Thanks Jess, Angie, Amber and Jody for hanging out with us and letting
us invade your houses!!

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