Sunday, May 13, 2012

Roughing It

We started a new family tradition today.  Camping.  Okay not the traditional tent camping where you cook everything on the fire and pee in a shower house.  Nate and I've been there and done that.  Not with 4 kids though and 2 dogs.  This was more like "Glamping", glamorized Camping.  We had our own bathroom, stove, microwave, pantry (yes I said pantry) and Air conditioning.  It was definitely "glamping".  It was definitely an adventure, but many memories were made and many more will be made.  There were oops and boo boos along the way but we survived.  We looked like amateurs but I'm okay with that.  By the end of the summer we will look like old pros who have done this forever. 
 {Home Sweet Home... our home on wheels}
 We all fit in the truck on our trip.  On Saturday when we had the truck unhitched we went Geocaching.  How we describe geocaching to the kids is like treasure hunting.  When Nate first told Bubba we were treasure hunting he kept asking "where the X was?"  Like X marks the spot.  Using a compass (or there's an app for that) we search around in cemeteries, ditches, church parking lots, you name it looking for treasure.  The boxes are big or micro and usually hold "treasures" like dinosaurs, toy rings, anything tiny.  You take a treasure and replace it with a treasure you brought.  This weekend we found 4 caches!!  It was mommy and lily's first experience, and Mommy found the smallest one to date!  I am hooked. 
In the boonies of Illinois we found a micro caches at this cemetery.  It was picturesque.  The tombstones at this cemetery were so big for how old they were.  Pretty Fascinating!
 The campground we stayed at was perfect.  It had a playground were the kids could play, there was lots of space between the sites so we had alot of privacy, and it had hiking trails to a lake.  It was really nice!
 There was some relaxing going on as much as possible.  And lots of snacking.  Nate said one of the special things about camping growing up was that he had things they normally wouldn't have at home.  Our kids enjoyed bubblegum (it is banned at our house since mommy doesn't chew gum YUCK!!), pudgy pies, koolaid, and much much more.
{This little girl was much trouble!}
 One of my favorite geocaches was off the beaten path.  We had to scavenger in a ditch to find some treasures!! 
 {this cool old chair was hidden in the weeds}
 There was lots of log climbing this weekend.
 Daddy found it!!! 
{running .... she did alot of that, mostly away from us}
 Kids up in the weeds, why does this mom think this is so fun?  No poison ivy yet, but I am always on the look out and trying to teach the kids what to look for and avoid.  I have got the calamine lotion though just in case! 
 In the rain we kept busy as well.  The DS and Wii didn't even come out of their hiding spots.  There was lots of coloring.  Daddy, Mommy, Rosie and Bubba got in a heated game of dominoes.  Of course the best people won....... the GIRLS!!! :-)
 {first picture on the fridge}
 {Enjoying her and Bubba's room}
 {did I say ornery?}
 {There is our pantry..... I am in heaven}
{the little girls watched Lilo and Stitch while the big kids played dominoes}
{the big red barn}

 {our last treasure hunt..... a bummer because we looked and looked and didn't find it}
 {Happy Mother's Day!}

 {it's not like we didn't try... daddy was deep in the jungle looking for it and still came up empty handed}
{all the headaches...... but this picture makes it all worth it}
 This morning I woke up to a beautiful card (bubba picked it out) and we had eggs and toast and watermelon for breakfast.  The whole weekend was a trial run and to see if everything worked on the camper.  During breakfast we found out the smoke detector worked too!  No fire, but apparently the smoke detector didn't like how I was cooking the eggs.  :-( 
 {limited counter space}
 {Family Time}
The whole weekend was fun and the kids had a blast staying up late and sitting around the campfire.   It must have worn them out because all 4 of them slept the entire drive home.  Can't wait for next weekend.

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