Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Loss of Dodger

Last night we lost our beloved dog, Dodger. 
We lost a family member. 
He was an energetic puppy and never lost that 
puppy craziness. 
Hubby and I went to pick out Dodger the day after our Goddaughter Melissa's funeral. 
We took our sister in law and niece to help us pick out the perfect dog.  
And he couldn't have been more perfect. 
Watching the litter play, Dodger was the more laid back of the crew. 
Hubby put Dodger in the palm of his hand and he just sprawled out and relaxed. 

Dodger helped us smile and concentrate on anything but the loss of our goddaughter. 
He knew when we need snuggles and let me unload what I was feeling without judgement.

When we went through all the loss of multiple miscarriages, Dodger was there. 
He was our first "baby". 
He helped us prep for the rambunctiousness that occurred when years later three little 
kids walked into our life.   When I became a mom and didn't have as much time to cuddle, 
he became my son's best friend. 

"I have found that when you are deeply troubled, 
there are things you can get from the 
silent devoted companionship of a dog 
that you cannot get from any other source."  
Doris Day
 There is nothing like puppy love. 
(2005 - 2015)

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  1. I remember Dodger....and how important he was to you during tough times....I'm so very sorry Lynn.